We have a proven record of discovering, purchasing, racing and/or exporting
horses who can be successful at the highest levels of racing worldwide.

Beginning with my training career in 1973 under my friend and mentor, Hall
of Fame horseman Horatio Luro, and continuing through today, I have been
involved with horses of the highest caliber. As a licensed trainer for more than
15 years, I trained for some of the top owners in the U.S., Europe and Dubai,
and was fortunate to win some of the world’s premier races, including the Group
I Japan Cup.

For more than 25 years, I have cultivated sources in North and South America.
I made my initial foray into South America in 1983, scouting horses for my training clients. When I retired from training in 1988, I moved strictly into the bloodstock
end, focusing on Argentina and Chile. I am fully integrated into the language and
culture of South American society, and now based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, I
have expanded my business into Brazil, Uruguay and Peru. I am uniquely able to:

• Locate and purchase proven horses for export
• Get mares sold in both hemispheres
• Form racing partnerships
• Place stallions

Advantage of South American racing:

• Significantly less overall monthly costs/training fees
• Access to top class stallions for greatly reduced fees
• Compete at the top end of the market, even when starting out
• Top trainers and fantastic facilities available
• The chance to experience and explore a new country